Washing machine wont drain

My washing  machine won't drain or spin!

"My washing machine won't drain or spin - and there's a smelly drain smell too", said a really fed up customer.  

She could hear a gargling sound coming from the kitchen sink and the sink was slow at draining.

Not what she needed at all  - her washing machine was always being used.   Was it blocked drains?

This is the steps I took to find out what was happening...


Step #1 Check if the kitchen sink trap waste is blocked

Kitchen sink trap

The washing machine was in the kitchen near to the kitchen sink and shared the same drainage and sink trap as the sink.    How it works -  it's call a sink trap as water is trapped in the U bend and stops sewer gases coming back into  the house and smelling of smelly drains.  Click here to find out how you can remove and clean the sink trap yourself.

When the plumber removed the sink trap - there was no blockage!  So what next?

Step #2 Check if the outside manhole is blocked

The manhole cover was removed.  It was indeed a blocked drain.  This had been blocked up for some time - with fat, food waste, baby wipes, ear buds and more.  As you can see from the clip, the plumber removed the blockage using pressurised drain jetting equipment. He doesn't recommend the use of drain rods as these get stuck and lost in the drains. Drain Jetting is the quickest and most effective way to break up and clear the debris causing a blockage. This allows for it to be flushed away leaving the drains free-flowing again. It also gives the drains  a thorough cleaning. 

Conclusion - My washing  machine won't drain or spin

Washing machine wont drain

This blockage was preventable.

Don't flush baby wipes, make-up wipes or cotton buds down the toilet.

Use a kitchen  sink strainer  (they cost less than £2) to stop food waste and debris blocking up the waste pipe.

If you do this you will prevent smelly drains, blocked drains and having to call out a plumber.   

Look at my post on drain unblocking cost to see if you will actually have to pay.

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