Drain unblocking cost: Sterling notes and coins

​Drain ​Jetting cost...

Make sure you are responsible for the blocked drains before hiring a Plumber.  Here is a guide to our drain​ jetting costs at the Drain Jetting Company. Also some tips when comparing prices.


Who has to pay?

  • You - if the private manhole or inspection chamber on your property is empty - this suggests a blockage within the boundaries of your property.
  • Insurance company  if for example the blockage is a result of landslip or subsidence, or something else that is out of your control.
  • Water Company that supply your water may be responsible if the private manhole or inspection chamber is full as it could be a problem with the public network.  In Northern Ireland give Northern Ireland Water  a call on 03457 440088.  For other areas click here to find out who supplies your water.

Standard drain ​jetting cost

  • For example: blocked toilet, blocked sink, blocked shower or blocked bath.
  • Usually caused by hair, soap, food waste, mineral buildup, small objects, toilet paper or wet wipes.
  • If inside, blockage removed by roding.  If outside, blockage removed by roding & high pressure drain jetting.
  • Blockage removed and tidied up withing 1-2 hours
  • Average price £80

Major drain unblocking / drain ​jetting cost

  • Usually caused by large blockages in the outside drains, tree roots or a collapsed drain.
  • Price quoted after initial inspection.  Average £150 + materials if work completed in 1 day.

Points to consider when comparing Drain ​jetting cost...

  • It will be cheaper on weekdays.
  • There may be hidden extras e.g. VAT, equipment costs, labour costs.
  • Don't feel pressurised if you feel the company are too pushy.
  • If the price is cheap, are they a plumber that can do the job?  What are their results like?
  • Look at their reviews.

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